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Chris Phippen, Hatless Studios: Tackling the tech talent crisis

Chris Phippen is the founder of Hatless Studios

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses in the South West face a daunting challenge – the scarcity of skilled tech talent. Businesses in the region have identified this as one of their biggest obstacles, hindering growth and innovation. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon: Hatless Talent, a...

Dr Andrew Dean, Head of Regional Impact at the University of Exeter

Andrew Dean, University of Exeter: Our universities can help drive sustainable growth and innovation in the tech sector

Dr Andrew Dean, Head of Regional Impact at the University of Exeter , shares his insight on the inaugural South West Tech Analysis Report and why our Universities can be key to seizing this opportunity.

About the University of Exeter and why we wanted to be involved

There are 169,800 students at the region’s 14 universities, including 19,500 tech and engineering students, but the...

Man using laptop

Do you feel controlled by your business?

A guest post from Bristol-based accountancy experts Azure .

Feeling dominated by your business implies the loss of control; thinking that you need to be available to your customers 24/7 and that your team can’t cope without you. It can also lead to a lack of perspective and self-care – thinking that this is just what it’s like to be a business owner and that it’s not something you...