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Tech South West Awards 2022
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Cosmic Girl releases LauncherOne mid-air for the first time during a July 2019 drop test

British-built satellite completes line-up for first launch from Spaceport Cornwall

A new research satellite from international engineering firm Rhea Group, built in Oxfordshire by space company Open Cosmos, will be launched from Cornwall later this year, the Government has announced .

Virgin Orbit will launch the ‘DOVER’ pathfinder satellite from Spaceport Cornwall. The satellite will transmit an innovative new signal, specially designed by engineers at RHEA, to...

Launch technicians prepare LauncherOne for Above the Clouds mission.

Virgin Orbit readies to launch satellite from Cornwall

Virgin Orbit’s next satellite launch will take place this year in Cornwall, UK, following a successful launch in California, the UK Government has announced .

The US company completed its fourth mission - and first night launch - from Mojave in California on Saturday 2 July.

The next launch is planned to take place from Spaceport Cornwall, Newquay, in Summer 2022. Unlike...