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Sarah Stratford, Favour the Brave

South West businesses “full of untapped marketing potential” as new study reveals 39% don’t have a written marketing strategy

According to a new study of business and marketing leaders across the country, 39% of respondents in the South West don’t have a written marketing strategy for their business. This was significantly less than the national average, where almost eight in ten (78%) said they had a written strategy.

The research was commissioned by Favour the Brave , an agency based in Bristol that...

Person programming at computer

Representation Matters: Women in Technology

Technology is increasingly vital to society’s functioning. It’s significant not just on a personal level (because really, who can survive without their phone for a day?), but it’s also crucial to the UK’s economy.

The Tech Nation Report 2019 posits the UK as 4th in the world for scaleup investment. But while the sector is growing exponentially, its gender diversity has failed to...