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Two women using a laptop at a desk

How to convince your leadership team to adopt a tech-first approach

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 15:47

Technology has been somewhat of a saviour in the past year. It has allowed businesses to transition online, stay connected and continue to provide their services to consumers. 

Undoubtedly, business leaders are recognising the importance of tech in their firms- and, the findings in the Technology for Success report reveal that nearly two thirds of businesses in the South West will be increasing investment in tech for the short term and 50% expect an increase in size of investment in tech in the long term. 

But what happens if you’re in a business where a tech-first approach isn’t being taken? How do you go about convincing your leadership team to prioritise tech in a time when it is integral to the functioning of a firm? 

Here are top tips from technology strategy experts Timewade to ensure technology gets the attention (and investment) it deserves:

  • Clients come first – technology is crucial to reaching clients and customers in the current pandemic. If your firm doesn’t have a way of reaching consumers online, chances of survival are slim. Let your leadership team know the importance of connecting with the market online and propose some systems or software for achieving this.
  • Competing or catching up – do your competitors appear on top of their tech? Are they utilising technology for marketing, advertising, sales and remote working? Then your firm should be too! Keep an eye on the software and strategies of fellow firms and be sure to present a competitor comparison of technological usage to your leadership team if you identify a way to use tech that could benefit your bottom line. 
  • Ahead of the game – better than catching up is catching on! What is available in terms of tech is constantly evolving amidst the pandemic and there are many benefits to reap from bringing in the latest tech. Not everything is worth adopting or proposing to leadership, but be sure to research and then pitch any major tech that suits the needs of your business to the key decision makers. 
  • Perks and productivity – it is likely that tech is already featuring in the running of your business. Ensure your leadership team realises the facilitates and benefits these platforms bring – is tech enhancing productivity? Allowing for greater innovation or supporting collaboration? Demonstrating the many benefits of adopting technology will encourage the consideration of a tech-first approach.
  • Here’s one I made earlier – show your decision makers what you’ve got! Don’t be afraid to actually demonstrate the tech you’d like to incorporate or the software you think would benefit the firm. Leadership are more likely to feel compelled by technology if they see tech at its best… which is usually in practice.

Technology for Success Innovation and Learning Partner and Partner at Minerva Lifelong Learning, Vikram Kamerkar said: “Even before the pandemic, technology was integral to the functioning of Minerva. We use it to communicate, plan, create, deliver and protect all of our services. Incorporating tech into all aspects of a firm may be daunting, but we have seen both pre and post lockdown the benefits of having a tech-first approach to the running of our business and, by continually reviewing and improving our use of technology our clients benefit as well.”

Discover more about how other South West businesses are using technology in Timewade's ‘Technology for Success report: 2021’ which is free to download:

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