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Beta Earth joins Falmouth University’s Venture Studio as strategic partner

Peter Evans
Authored by Peter Evans
Posted: Monday, May 24, 2021 - 10:59

This year has brought unprecedented challenges for all of us, especially graduates who are facing the uncertainty of the job search and an ever-changing economy. At Falmouth University’s venture studio, Launchpad, entrepreneurial candidates get the opportunity to build the companies of tomorrow with leading strategic partners and mentors to help create new innovative enterprises to develop the Cornish economy.

In partnership with Launchpad, Beta Earth Venture Studio will help guide students through the venture building process and mentor the teams for a year, steering them through the market.

Beta Earth is a new venture studio building disruptive, sustainable, long-term solutions for environmental and social impact. It focuses on holistic and regenerative ecosystem solutions for global challenges from a local, place-based perspective.

James Murray, Head of Launchpad, said: “We’re really excited to announce the first in a new chapter of strategic partnerships. Strategic partners with the vision and capacity to co-create and co-invest in our teams is a huge step in the right direction for public/private innovation.

“Beta Earth represents an organisation with the reach and knowledge that gives our venture teams a massive advantage in the market to co-create robust impactful ventures, supported by our excellent access to talent, a world-class master's degree course and state-of-the-art facilities.”

Beta Earth co-founder Dr Lauren Fletcher said: “We are excited to work with Launchpad venture studio and this incredible cohort to identify new opportunities that utilise local resources and talent to create local companies and jobs with the potential to scale to global impact.”

“We’ve been student entrepreneurs and understand how challenging it can be, so we think this is a great partnership to work with the talent at Launchpad to build local regenerative ecosystem businesses that preserve and expand the natural beauty of the local environment,” added co-founder Dr Irina Fedorenko-Aula.

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