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#Idea2Pitch returns as part of Bristol Technology Festival to support early-stage tech startups

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Monday, September 6, 2021 - 09:44

SETsquared Bristol's free #Idea2Pitch workshop for tech startups is returning in-person at Engine Shed on 13th October 2021 as part of Bristol Technology Festival.

#Idea2Pitch is a chance for novice entrepreneurs to explore the viability of a new business idea or for early-stage companies to enhance and hone their skills before approaching investors.

The event includes a workshop on what makes a good business idea and elevator pitch training from our expert Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Chapman. To date, #Idea2Pitch has helped over 100 startups to distil their business messaging into an impactful one-minute pitch and practice it with supportive peers.

Konstantina Psoma, Co-founder and CEO of Kaedim, a University of Bristol student startup that uses AI to create digital assets in less than 3 seconds, attended the #Idea2Pitch workshop in 2020. Kaedim successfully raised a substantial pre-seed round only 6 months after joining SETsquared Bristol as part of the University of Bristol’s New Enterprise Competition top prize.

Konstantina said: “Having studied Innovation at the University of Bristol and having pitched what felt like 100 times in the past, I had the feeling that I wouldn’t have much to learn from it. I could not have been more wrong! SETsquared’s Entrepreneur in Residence taught us how to create a memorable elevator pitch that is simple to understand and easy to deliver anywhere, anytime.”

Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director at SETsquared Bristol, said: “We’ve been running #Idea2pitch since 2016 to make it easy and accessible for tech startups to access of our world-class training in a great environment and for free! We’re passionate about working with tech entrepreneurs from all communities and backgrounds to ensure they have the highest chance of success.”

If you’re a tech entrepreneur that would benefit from refining your business idea and honing your elevator pitch, apply to attend #Idea2Pitch here.

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