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International Women’s Day 2024 – Celebrating Women in Tech

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Thursday, March 7, 2024 - 23:00

Guest article by Magda King, ISL Talent

Women make up just 22% of employees within the AI and Data industry.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day and embrace the theme of #InspireInclusion, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the women who make up this transformative industry, and through their stories, experiences and insights hope to inspire other women and girls to consider a career in tech.

Magda, our Principal Consultant and AI & Data specialist sat down with three inspirational women who are shaping the industry to ask them questions about their careers and achievements within the space. Here’s what they had to say…

Evie Dineva, Group Head of Engineering and Data Science - GymShark

What kind of support network have you found to be instrumental in your journey, particularly as a woman in a male-dominated industry?

“Navigating a typically male-dominated industry like tech, I've found invaluable support within my network. From mentorship within my organisation to external leadership programmes, these networks have provided guidance, inspiration, and exposed me to role models who have shaped my personal and professional development. From a mentorship perspective, you can find mentors within your organisation by searching for someone that you look up to in the way they work, the way they support others, or the values they stand for. When it comes to LinkedIn, keep your eye out for any influential individuals within your space who’ve been on the same journey as you. I’d recommend everyone connects with a mentor – it’s been instrumental for my personal growth.”

Could you share the passion or purpose behind your work in AI?

“My passion for AI stems from a love of technology and its ability to fuel curiosity and provide continuous challenges. I'm driven by the belief that leveraging data and technology offers a unique, unbiased perspective that enhances decision-making processes. Whether in our daily lives or within a business context, data surrounds us, shaping our experiences and influencing critical decisions. For me, working with data isn't just a job - it's a passion that resonates in everything I do, driving me to explore, innovate, and make a meaningful impact.”

What pivotal moment or experience sparked your fascination with AI and Data?

“I love the technology; it fuels my curiosity and keeps me challenged. As an ever-evolving field, I love that we can use data to understand why certain things happen and then continue using it to influence future decision making.

My why is that you get a different and unbiased, objective lens by utilising data and technology when you look at your business or product. If you think about our daily lives and what we do, we’re surrounded by data and the way we make decisions is a series of events that have happened in our lives, where we’ve collected data along the way to help make critical decisions on a particular scenario. I love data because I see it all around. I feel it every day in everything that I do.”

Dr Victoria Root, Behavioural Science Lead – Good With

What pivotal moment or experience sparked your fascination with AI and Data?

“My fascination with data started during my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL. I loved the process of being able to infer and understand (to a degree) complex processes using theory, experimental design, and statistical techniques. This was developed further when I started my PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. It was at this point that I deepened my theoretical knowledge of computational modelling and human behaviour. I loved how we are now able to map human experience, such as vision, pain and learning, into something tangible and interpretable as data. And modelling provides a framework for this.” 

Who has been your guiding light or source of inspiration in your Data journey, and how have they influenced your approach to innovation and problem-solving? 

“I have been lucky to have been guided by numerous inspiring women working in data, academia and neuroscience throughout my career. In particular, I have to mention Dr Ellie Kallis and Prof Tamar Makin. Tamar was my supervisor at the very start of my academic journey into data and neuroscience. She taught me how to be rigorous in my statistical approaches and techniques, what pitfalls to avoid when interpreting data, and how to approach, formulate and test scientific hypotheses. Not only that, but she instilled in me the value of using theory to enrich and inform my data analysis and modelling. Ellie, CSO and Co-Founder at Good With, has guided me since entering the world of industry and data science. She has shown me the ropes of how to conduct timely, efficient and scientifically rigorous data science projects to align with business aims and goals, and expanded my knowledge of machine learning beyond that of statistical models to prediction.”  

Reflecting on your career, what stands out to you as your proudest achievement?

“I am still very much in the midst of my career in Data Science and AI, but one of the projects that I am most proud of working on is the Readiness Score at Good With. The Readiness Score represents a snapshot of an individual's current financial health and wellbeing based on their spending, thoughts and feelings about money. It aims to broaden the scope of how we view creditworthiness in underserved populations, as well as empowering individuals to know exactly where they stand with money right now and what steps they can take to change their situation (if they wish to do so). 

As I've been lucky enough to be at Good With since the initial development of the score, I have been able to play a role in exploratory data analysis, feature development, clustering analysis and model research and selection. And that's not it. We have so many exciting plans for the future development of the score, and I can't wait to put these into practice with the rest of the amazing data science team at Good With.” 

Elle Neal, Data Scientist – BPA Quality

What pivotal moment or experience sparked your fascination with AI and Data?

“My fascination with AI and Data Science was ignited while working at BPA Quality, marking a significant turning point in my career. My role evolved from Research and Account Management to leading the Data Team, where I began to unlock the profound impact of data analytics. It was here, in the midst of crafting data-driven insights for our clients, that my journey took a deeper dive into the realm of artificial intelligence. This shift wasn't just about a change in roles; it was about discovering how to leverage my knack for problem-solving and my creative instincts to transform unstructured data into meaningful insights. 

This exploration into AI and Data Science revealed to me the extraordinary potential to not only solve complex problems but to empower others to make informed, impactful decisions. Each project, each dataset, became a new puzzle to solve, a new opportunity to drive positive change. It was this blend of analytical rigor and creative problem-solving that solidified my passion for AI and data science, steering me towards a career where enabling people to do more and make better decisions became my primary mission.”

Could you share the passion or purpose behind your work in AI?

“My passion for AI and Data Science is deeply rooted in the transformative potential of technology to make a real difference in people's lives. Driven by personal experiences with neurodiversity, I've come to see generative AI as a powerful tool for fostering inclusivity and innovation. My mission is to democratise AI, enabling people from all backgrounds to leverage this technology for personal and professional growth. By making AI more accessible, I aim to empower individuals to solve complex problems and pursue their passions, creating a more equitable and innovative future. 

This commitment is reflected in my work, such as the development of the Neuro Mermaid AI app (, designed to enhance learning for neurodiverse individuals. Through continuous learning, community building, and advocacy for ethical AI use, I strive to contribute to a society where technology amplifies potential and overcomes barriers. My journey in AI is not just about technological exploration but about using my skills and experiences to inspire and mentor others, paving the way for a community that embraces the full spectrum of human diversity and creativity.”

Reflecting on your career, what stands out to you as your proudest achievement?

“Reflecting on my career, becoming a STEM Ambassador and establishing the Robotics and Coding Club, in partnership with my son Oliver (aged 8), emerges as a deeply personal accomplishment. This venture, driven by our mutual enthusiasm for technology, aimed to create a welcoming, inclusive space where children could freely explore the realms of robotics and coding. Our mission was to provide an educational platform that was both engaging and accessible, ensuring no child was left behind due to economic barriers or the lack of local resources. This effort was influenced by my own experiences growing up in a disadvantaged socio-economic background, where opportunities like these were beyond reach due to financial constraints and availability in our community. 

Coming from a family that lived in supported housing and being one of four children, the financial impossibility of accessing such clubs was a reality I lived with. This personal history fuelled my determination to ensure that the club was free, removing the financial barriers that often deter participation in such enriching extracurricular activities. By investing just a few hours each week and channelling my passion for STEM, we've managed to create a vibrant, fun learning environment for over 20 local children aged 7 to 14. This initiative is not only a testament to the power of community and passion in overcoming obstacles but also serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to initiate similar projects in their communities. It's a reflection of my belief that with a little effort and a lot of heart, we can make a significant impact, offering children a glimpse into the exciting world of STEM that was previously inaccessible.”

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