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Dan Pritchard, co-founder of Tech South West

Dan Pritchard, Tech South West: "Collaboration is not about winning"

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - 08:58

Alone or with others? A spark of insight in a crowded room or during a walk in the wild?

We all have different ways of working things through, getting creative, shaping our plans and actions.

For me, collaboration is at the heart of what I strive for, helping build communities for brands. There is no other way. So it was great to talk with the alumni of GLIDE this week, a fantastic programme on collaboration run by always possible & Buckinghamshire New University

Collaboration is not about winning. It’s not about outperforming others. It’s the act of working together for a particular purpose.

When we started Tech South West, the tech community told us "forget purpose, just join the dots". They meant, let’s connect and work out who we are, what we do, find out do we get on, do we want to work together? By connecting, we would find out.

Five years later, with over 2500 members, the purpose is now clear - keep on joining the dots, and by doing so you create an environment where there are many winners through active business programmes, funding support, awards, showcasing and increased visibility and opportunities for the many.

Through weaving a web of inter-connected tech leaders, founders, supporters and entrepreneurs that spans tech, education and beyond, good things are happening.

From business support programmes such as the TSW StartUp and ScaleUp Studios, to funding initiatives including the Funding Advisory Board and learning workshops, engagement with Government (check out the SW Tech Analysis Report 2022 if you haven't already), showcasing at the Tech South West Awards and via South West Tech Daily, talent solutions, the regional jobs board, our cross-region Talent Group, sector skills' needs studies and more.

Tech South West is built on community, collaboration, and an interconnected approach across the whole South West region.

So let’s carry on the journey, see what we can achieve together. And never forget - keep joining the dots!

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