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Vlad Nanu & Andy Rogers

Amdaris announces partnership with global payment platform Stripe

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - 10:15

Bristol-headquartered digital transformation specialist Amdaris has partnered with Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to provide an industry-leading solution for embedded payments and financial services.

The partnership will empower companies to build and scale powerful global payments and financial services more efficiently. Amdaris will provide the necessary delivery means and skills, which will provide a seamless experience for users. 

Amdaris will integrate its expertise with Stripe’s payment solutions to allow clients to create new revenue opportunities and expand globally. This includes helping customers go to market faster without major investment upfront or ongoing development or operations. Stripe’s platform also helps businesses build better end-to-end payment experiences with instant onboarding, robust reporting, and a full suite of payments and fintech solutions.

Vlad Nanu, Co-CEO of Amdaris, commented: “This partnership expands Amdaris’ existing expertise in payments and represents yet another level of our commitment to transforming the technology industry and creating lasting value for our clients. We look forward to the further innovation we can create together to help transform the fintech space."

Dorothy Copeland, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Stripe, said: "The launch of the Stripe Partner Ecosystem coincides with more businesses looking beyond their organisation to navigate the internet economy, and Stripe is making it easier to find the right partner for their needs. By partnering with Amdaris and introducing a comprehensive set of partner resources, companies around the world will be able to accelerate their move to online commerce more easily."

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