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Code Breakers: Women in tech

New South West podcast launched to celebrate region's women in tech

Program Agency
Authored by Program Agency
Posted: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 11:59

Timewade, a leading technology partner for SMEs in the South West, has launched their new podcast; 'Code Breakers: Women in Tech'. 

The podcast will showcase the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women in the South West tech industry. 

The first episodes will be available on Spotify and Apple podcasts from today, 31 January. The series is aimed at women and girls interested in building careers in the tech sector, providing insights and inspiration from tech leaders who have successfully navigated the industry.

The series will feature interviews with inspiring women including Niki Davies, Director at Software Cornwall; Emily Hill, CEO at Ghyston Software; and Dr Samantha Lavender, Director at Pixalytics.

The podcast is hosted by Candice Walters, Business Technology Consultant at Timewade, who said: "I'm really excited to be launching the Code Breakers podcast, where I get to meet inspiring women from across the region’s tech sector. From hearing how they discovered their passion for technology, to learning about how they've navigated this male-dominated industry, I hope others can take away valuable lessons and inspiration for their own journey into tech."

Timewade, the South West’s trusted technology partner, is committed to fostering a culture of equality and excellence in technology, working to support more women and girls into the sector, encouraging a more diverse workforce and ensuring nobody misses out on the fantastic opportunities the world of tech has to offer.

Listen on Spotify here.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here

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