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Solar panels

1.4m households offered easy access to solar and wind energy ownership through Propflo and Ripple Energy partnership

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Monday, February 12, 2024 - 08:40

Propflo, an award-winning AI retrofit platform, has partnered with Ripple Energy to make owning a source of green energy affordable and accessible to homeowners and tenants without the need for on-site installations.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Direct ownership of large scale wind farms and solar parks.

  • Ideal for those unable to install physical solar or wind systems (e.g., living in flats) or facing budget constraints.

  • Long-term stability of energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Propflo is currently engaging over 1.4 million homeowners and tenants, presenting them with the opportunity to own large wind farms and solar parks through Ripple Energy. Savings are directly applied to energy bills, providing an affordable green energy solution. Savings are also transferable if you move home.

Using Propflo’s advanced data model, Ripple will be seamlessly integrated into the GreenVal retrofit one-stop-shop and through the Propflo HomeHub for longer term engagement.

Luke Loveridge, Founder and CEO of Propflo, said: "By introducing Ripple in our products, homeowners and tenants will have the option to benefit from the green energy revolution even if they can’t install solar or wind on their properties. I love the concept and have heard good things about Ripple. Our platform is one of the most advanced end-to-end retrofit platforms in the market, and partnerships like these keep us pushing the boundaries."

Sarah Merrick, Founder and CEO of Ripple Energy, said: "Propflo provides the perfect touch point for homeowners and tenants to engage with Ripple - when their thinking about how they can take control of their energy. Together we’re removing the barriers for people to go green and ensuring fair access to renewable technologies.”

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