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Propflo’s ‘GreenVal’ tool will be featured in reports and facilitates retrofitting

Martello becomes first search provider to offer energy efficiency risk mitigations

Joe Bevan
Authored by Joe Bevan
Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 14:35

Martello has partnered with Propflo to be the first to bring a one-stop-shop for green home improvements into conveyancing searches. The two leading South West proptech companies are working together to help prospective buyers and homeowners take action to mitigate risks around poor energy efficiency, wellbeing, and net zero for a property.

Propflo’s ‘GreenVal’ tool will be featured in reports and has been designed to take the complexity out of retrofitting. With £250bn investment required to bring UK properties up to standard, and 80,000 homes needing to be retrofitted per month, it is a key priority for the country. However, homeowners lack information and the process is currently disjointed.

Through Martello’s climate change section of the report, GreenVal will enable the property owner and prospective buyers to:
● View the short and long term benefits and costs associated with making a property more energy-efficient
● Get quotes for a wide range of home improvements, from accredited local and national suppliers
● Explore low-cost and do-it-yourself improvement opportunities, available for direct purchase
● Gain insight into the impact a property can have on personal wellbeing, by rating contributing factors such as thermal comfort, air quality, and financial stability.

 Henry Crosby, Founder and CEO at Martello, said: "Climate and energy efficiency risks to properties are increasing. We strive to not only provide one of the most detailed and value for money search reports, but also help homeowners take action to mitigate these risks. The Propflo platform and especially the GreenVal tool will be a great addition to our search reports to make them more impactful and help homeowners make informed decisions.”

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