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Funding the future of your business - from bank loans to angel investment

FounderCatalyst is a supporting partner for the Tech South West StartUp Studio, a virtual accelerator for early stage tech companies in the South West.

Whether your business reaches its goals in 2 years or 10 years will probably come down to the availability of cash. At one end of the scale you can bootstrap, sweat the business for all it’s worth and insist everyone brings their own...

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Economic potential "wasted" across UK regions, new report finds

The South West is lagging behind other regions when it comes to opportunities for growth finance, a new report has revealed.

The British Business Bank’s first annual Regions and Nations Tracker , published today, explores the geographic patterns seen in UK smaller business finance. It reveals that more than four in ten businesses in the UK were using external finance in 2021, but a...

South West tech firms raise £176m in July

Tech businesses in the South West raised £176m in equity funding in July, according to figures from techSPARK.

The investment almost doubled the equity funding raised during June and suggests the region's most promising startups and scaleups are in strong health despite the economic uncertainty caused by 18 months of the coronavirus.

Among those to raise eye-catching...

Opinion: Bring academics and business leaders together for a fairer, happier workplace

I have travelled many paths, academically as a mathematician, philosopher, and behavioural scientist, artistically as a professional flautist for the Danish queen and an international circus acrobat. Entrepreneurially I have had the great joy of building an AI business ( Sigma Polaris ) with great people who have set out to make a difference in this world.

Our mission is about...

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Tech, media and the debt market

RSM share their insight into debt, funding and the tech industry.

Equity or debt funding? Media and tech business have access to both. But the magic of a well-funded business is in balancing the two.

Walking that line means taking on as much debt as you can manage – because it’s cheap and easy to access – but not so much that it burdens and risks the business. These forces are in...