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TechExeter's annual Tech+Digital Conference returns this month

TechExeter will be hosting their annual grass-roots Tech+Digital Conference on September 8th, with this year’s conference being themed around ‘Access’.

The virtual event will host 19 expert speakers who will be presenting across a 3 track conference stream over the course of the day, discussing a range of topics which will include accessibility, diversity and communications....

A diverse group of people in a work settingA diverse group of people in a work setting

Boost profits with a diverse workforce, says recruitment guru

Systemic biases in businesses are holding back diversity and economic performance according to a South West diversity recruitment expert.

Nemo D'Qrill, who is non-binary, founded the firm Sigma Polaris, which specialises in increasing diverse teams within companies, using AI.

They say if tech firms' recruitment structures had better processes, the firms would be able to...

Opinion: Bring academics and business leaders together for a fairer, happier workplace

I have travelled many paths, academically as a mathematician, philosopher, and behavioural scientist, artistically as a professional flautist for the Danish queen and an international circus acrobat. Entrepreneurially I have had the great joy of building an AI business ( Sigma Polaris ) with great people who have set out to make a difference in this world.

Our mission is about...